Erase Food Waste

Erase food waste

The City of Elk Grove’s Erase Food Waste campaign seeks to reduce the amount of organic waste that ends up in landfills by encouraging residents to reduce their food waste. Elk Grove residents will learn the difference between edible and inedible food waste, and how to reduce each through improved habits and awareness.

What’s the difference between edible and inedible food waste?

Edible food waste includes food that was thrown away instead of being eaten, donated, or used in other ways, like:

  • Extra or unused food
  • Imperfect fruits and vegetables that are still edible
  • Food nearing, but not past, its expiration date
  • Home grown fruits and vegetables that have fallen off of their plants

Inedible food waste includes parts of food that are not intended to be eaten, such as:

  • Food parts that are typically thrown away during food preparation or consumption
  • Shells, peels, and coffee grounds/tea bags
  • Stems, cores, fruit pits, and seeds

Erase food waste

Why Should you "Erase Food Waste?"

Organic waste includes edible and inedible food waste, and is the largest source of waste in landfills, leading to increased emission of methane and other greenhouse gasses. Californians waste more than 30 percent of their food by throwing it away.

Elk Grove residents can help erase food waste by:

  • Planning shopping trips ahead of time to buy only what they need and will use
  • Properly washing and storing produce so that it lasts until it is able to be eaten
  • Properly storing leftovers and ingredients
  • Planning meals that reuse leftovers and/or leftover ingredients
  • Donating edible food to food banks or other food donation organizations
  • Composting food waste when appropriate

How does reducing and eliminating food waste benefit the community?

  • It saves families money on wasted food.
  • It helps combat food insecurity through food donations.
  • It protects the local environment and air quality by reducing organic waste in landfills.
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