About the City Hall Budget

IntroductionHow is Elk Grove run?

Do you know how the Animal Shelter is funded, or who decides the budgets for schools and fixing roads? Do you know you have a say in how your tax dollars are spent?

City Hall and several other agencies provide the services you receive in Elk Grove such as Schools, Parks and Recreation, the Fire Department, garbage and recycling, transit, Water, and Sewer. These agencies are independent organizations with their own governing boards, staff and budgets.

City Hall provides services such as the Animal Shelter, road maintenance, business development, law enforcement, and more. Each year, we anticipate how much money will be collected through taxes and fees, and then consider the cost of existing services and inflation. We seek input from the community and receive direction from the City Council to develop a budget for the year.

The money that City Halls collects goes into two buckets: the General and the Restricted Funds. General fund money can be spent on a variety of services, but Restricted Funds can only be used for specific services.

General Fund money mostly comes from sales tax, property tax, utility tax, hotel tax and utility franchise fees.

Each property tax dollar is split between City Hall and other organizations who provide services in the city.

As City Hall collects tax dollars, those dollars go into The General Fund to pay for services like sheltering lost and found pets, supporting local businesses and non-profit organizations, staffing, public events, and construction projects that enhance Elk Grove.

Like the state budget, our city budget operates on a "Fiscal Year" calendar. Unlike a regular calendar year, our fiscal year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30 of the following year. The City Council receives input from the community throughout the year to decide how money should be spent for these services. Balancing the budget is how we provide the services the community wants and needs while still living within our means.

Now, Restricted Funds are a little different.

Restricted funds come from taxes and fees, such as drainage fees, voter-approved taxes, gas tax, and development impact fees, that are collected for specific services. The money collected for these services can only be spent on those services.

For example: Money collected from gas tax can only be used for road-related maintenance, it cannot be used for the Animal Shelter.

As a resident, it's important to tell us how you'd like your tax dollars spent. You can do this every election year by voting for the City Council candidate who most aligns with your fiscal priorities, participating in budget surveys and townhalls throughout the year, or attending a City Council meeting and speaking directly to the Council during public comment.

City Hall staff are available any time to answer questions via email at [email protected]

For more information about the current and upcoming budgets, visit elkgrovecity.org/budget

Now that you know more about City Hall's budget, provide your input to make a difference!

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