Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail Master Plan

Join a Walking Tour of the Laguna Creek Trail

The City of Elk Grove, WALKSacramento and our Community Advisory Group are teaming up to host a walking tour of the Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail on Sunday, October 24th from 2:00 pm- 3:30 pm.  The goal is to gather community input on ways to improve access to the trail and connectivity throughout South Sacramento and Elk Grove.  There will be two walking tours taking place at the same time.  Join us at either:

  1. South Sacramento Segment:  Meet us at the trail head just north of the intersection of Center Parkway and Newport Cove Way.
  2. Elk Grove Segment:  Meet us at the trail head just west of 8868 Bond Rd.

Wear your favorite pair of walking shoes and join us to address challenges and share ideas to help create a great walking and bicycling environment along the trail. Participants will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card! 

During the tour we will: 

  • Assess barriers to walking and bicycling
  • Identify deficiencies in pedestrian/bicycle infrastructure
  • Identify potential crossing improvements
  • Identify features that would encourage more walking and bicycling
  • Identify features or programs to raise awareness of community gardens or parks

Note:  Please refer to current Sacramento County Public Health guidelines regarding outdoor use of masks and social distancing. 

Please register here:

Community Advisory Group

The Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail (LCIRT) Master Plan project team is guided by a 10-member Community Advisory Group (CAG) to help advise the process of development and ensure the plan is rooted in community priorities. The main responsibilities of the CAG are to help design an effective community engagement process, to attend regular meetings, and to encourage community participation in this project.

Applications for CAG are now closed.

Community Advisory Group Responsibilities

  • Attend 6 CAG meetings/workshops to be held throughout the project between September 2021 and August 2022.
  • Provide guidance to the LCIRT Master Plan team on community engagement events, trail design concept, features, and alternatives.
  • Actively promote community engagement events/workshops and connect project team with residents and community leaders to participate in community events.  

Public Outreach

One of the key methods of ensuring the LCIRT Master Plan is successful is to identify and engage Key Stakeholders who will be instrumental in the development of the plan. Stakeholder meetings will be utilized to present current conditions, identify deficiencies, and develop solutions that will improve connectivity, public health, and provide innovation. These meetings will also allow Key Stakeholders and the community to stay informed on the overall project including trail design/connections features. Stakeholder involvement will begin at the Project Kickoff and will continue throughout development through to the final plan.

If you have any questions about the LCIRT Master Plan, contact Carrie Whitlock.

Project Schedule

Date Description
Fall 2020 Initiate Project
Fall 2021 Begin Public Outreach
Fall 2021 Begin Conceptual Development
Fall 2022 Complete Master Plan
Winter 2023 Present Plan to City Council

Project Purpose and Overview

The City of Elk Grove's Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail (LCIRT) Master Plan will provide a conceptual multi-modal planning foundation for the City of Elk Grove and adjacent communities. This grant funded project will aid the City in coordinating projects within Elk Grove, the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County and supports Elk Grove's goals to improve connectivity throughout the city's network of trails. With improved connectivity, residents will have bicycle and pedestrian access to schools, public transit, retail and entertainment, employment centers, medical services, and recreational amenities.

Finally, the LCIRT Master Plan will complement work started in 2020 on the City's Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Master Plan by providing greater detail, a holistic approach, and broader geographic scope related specifically to the LCIRT.

The LCIRT Master Plan will contain conceptual design only. It is the City's intent that once this plan is complete, it will lead to implementation and development. The City will be the Lead Agency, in cooperation with the City of Sacramento, County of Sacramento, Sacramento Regional Transit District, the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority (SJJPA), and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).


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This project is partially funded through a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant and Measure A and Elk Grove Roadway Fee funds.

Project Funding Source
State Grant $200,000
Elk Grove Roadway Fee $100,000
Measure A $50,000
Total $350,000

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