Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail Corridor

Purpose and Need

The City of Elk Grove is working on several projects along the Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail System which has been identified as the City’s Trail Committee highest priority. These projects are in various stages of planning and design and will improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities along this trail corridor. In addition, the City is in the process of updating the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Master Plan (last updated 2014) and was recently awarded a grant to study the corridor and develop the Laguna Creek Trail Inter-Regional Trail Master Plan. More information about these Projects can be found by clicking through the links for each Project below.

This inter-regional trail would provide access to a variety of schools, transit, residential and commercial uses. The limits of the trail begin in the rural area of Elk Grove and follows Laguna Creek in a northwest direction across town to the recently completed Franklin Boulevard Cycle Track which connects users to a City of Sacramento light rail station and, potentially to a future passenger rail station. The inter-regional trail has several gaps that need to be closed for it to function as an inter-regional trail facility. The 2020-2025 CIP includes funding for many of these Laguna Creek Trail gaps but the following three segment gaps will remain:

  • State Route 99 Bridge Overcrosssing
  • Waterman Road to Sierra River Drive
  • Bond Road Undercrossing
  • Cosumnes River Boulevard to North Laguna Creek Park

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