Statement Regarding Litigation Over Concrete Work

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Statement Regarding Litigation Over Concrete Work

Posted: 10/10/2019

Recent media coverage and citizen interest regarding a lawsuit between the City and a few of the contractors and designers working on the civic center has garnered attention and created a story without the benefit of important facts surrounding the lawsuit. The City believes that Elk Grove residents deserve the facility and amenities that they were promised without local taxpayers having to pay for other’s mistakes.

Like any property owner paying for major improvements, once we noticed significant defects in the new concrete in the outdoor Commons area of the project, the City immediately informed the contractors of its dissatisfaction with the work and required them to remove and replace extensive areas of failed concrete. Problems included extensive cracking and spalling, where areas of concrete were coming out in large chunks. Despite this failure, Arntz Construction is asking to be paid for both the original concrete placement and the removal and replacement of the failed concrete. Big B is a Stockton based construction company hired by Arntz Construction, the City’s General Contractor, to lay the concrete at the Aquatics Center and the Commons at District56.

Experts investigating the concrete defects have found the failure to be both a construction and a design issue. The City implored both the construction and design professionals to take responsibility for their share of the problem but were unable to resolve the issue. At an impasse, the City decided to file a lawsuit against the contractors and the designers to force an appropriate resolution. We are currently working through that process.

While we are sympathetic that this dispute is impacting Big B financially, we are equally committed to protecting taxpayer dollars and ensuring the delivery of a quality project that will last for years to come.


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