Railroad Street Improvements

Project Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this Project is to provide necessary improvements to Railroad Street and adjacent sidewalks in support of the City's goal to develop a multi-use outdoor plaza and pertinent infrastructure in the city's historic district. The Project is needed for improved flow of traffic for travelers, as well as improved accessible ramps and sidewalks for safety and efficiency.

The City of Elk Grove (City) in coordination with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) plans to construct roadway improvements on Railroad Street. The proposed improvements consist of road reconstruction, utility construction (wet and dry/joint trench), construction of new curbs, gutters, accessible sidewalks and ramps, Street Lights and construction of two parking lots (with lighting, landscape and irrigation improvements) along an approximate 2,000-foot long segment of Railroad Street and approximately 180 foot segment of Grove Street. Sidewalks are proposed along the east and west sides of Railroad Street and along the north and south sides of Grove Street. Ramp reconstruction is proposed at the intersection of Elk Grove Boulevard and Railroad Street and several new accessible ramps will also be constructed. New gas, sanitary sewer, storm drain, and water lines are proposed along Railroad Street and Grove Street.

Permanent right-of-way acquisitions and tree agreements have been completed along Railroad Street and Grove Street to accommodate the Project. Temporary construction easements, utility easements, and encroachment permits may be needed on a limited basis to accommodate the installation of the proposed improvements. Existing private utilities will remain active during project construction. No road closures are anticipated to occur and access to each residence and business will be maintained. Minor temporary detours for local traffic may take place and construction is anticipated to last eleven months.



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Review the Environmental documents here:


The project is funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Measure A, Senate Bill 1 Local Street and Roads (SB 1 LSR), Drainage Fee, and General Fund Capital Reserve.

Current Status

The construction contract for the Railroad Street Improvements (WTR049) and the Old Town Plaza Phase 2 and 3 (WCE022) Projects was awarded to Western Engineering Contractors, Inc. by Council at their May 13, 2020 meeting. Construction began on June 8, 2020 and is anticipated to be completed in the Spring of 2021.


Date Description
July 25, 2018 Design and Environmental Began
March 26, 2019 Project was presented to the Disability Advisory Committee for feedback
April 24, 2019 Environmental Document (Supplemental IS/MND) circulated for public review and comment
May 14, 2019 Joint Open House meeting held to present Project to the community
June 21, 2019 Environmental Document (Supplemental IS/MND) public comment period ends
July 24, 2019 City Council Approved Environmental Document
December 2019 Design Completed
January 15, 2020 Advertise to receive bids
February 27, 2020 Bids Due Date
March 11, 2020 Staff Report
March 18, 2020 Re-advertise to receive bids
April 9, 2020 Bid Due Date
May 13, 2020 CC Staff Report
June 8, 2020 Begin Construction
Spring 2021 Construction Substantially Complete
Spring 2022 Plant Establishment Period Complete

Contact Information

Public Works

Senior Civil Engineer

Kristin Parsons

Email or (916) 478-2236

8401 Laguna Palms Way
Elk Grove, CA 95758

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