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In September 2002, the City Council directed staff to establish a discretionary Design Review process for development projects that require additional site and design consideration beyond conformance with minimum standards of the Zoning Code. This direction included the preparation of Citywide Design Guidelines to establish the basis for Design Review decisions. Residents, business owners, and members of the development community participated in Design Guideline workshops and focus group meetings throughout the process. Their input is reflected in the Citywide Design Guidelines were adopted by City Council. The City's Design Review process, permit requirements, and exemptions, are detailed in section 23.16.080 of the Zoning Code.

Adopted Citywide Design Guidelines are available for download below. Note, while the Design Guidelines below apply Citywide, supplemental guidelines have been established for the Laguna Ridge area. Additionally, the Southeast Policy Area has its own Design Protocol that is independent from the Citywide Design Guidelines.

Adopted Design Guideline Documents
Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Administration
Chapter 3.1 - Land Planning for Subdivision Map
Chapter 3.2 - Architecture for Master Home Plans
Chapter 4.1 - Site Planning for Multi-Family Development
Chapter 4.2 - Architecture for Multi-Family Development
Chapter 5.1 - Site Planning for Non-Residential Development
Chapter 5.2 - Architecture for Non-Residential Development
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