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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The city of Elk Grove is a diverse and vibrant community. We are committed to addressing issues of diversity, promoting diversity programs, providing guidance to create a more equitable, accessible, safe, welcoming and inclusive government and community. We are a city welcome to all.

Translation Services Available

The City is excited to announce a new tool to better serve residents with language interpretation needs. The service not only provides over-the-phone language translation assistance in over 100 languages, but also video translation in over 35 languages, including American Sign Language. This program is available for all City staff to utilize with customers and has a mobile device available to assist video translations at City Hall or in the field.

Additionally, includes site-wide translation service provided by Google at the top right-hand side of every page translating the website to over 100 languages.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Team

The City of Elk Grove's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team for City employees is a voluntary group whose goal is to create a work environment that is enjoyable for each and every staff member, and one where the diversity reflects that of our community.

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Diversity and Inclusion Commission

The scope of the City of Elk Grove Diversity and Inclusion Commission will focus around the three tenets of Education/Promotion, being Ambassadors, and providing Council feedback. Diversity is defined as the entire range of human differences that includes, but is not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, and national origin. Inclusion puts the concept of diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection.

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Contact Information

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Inclusion Leader

Kara Reddig
Email or (916) 478-2249

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