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Rider Alert 

Franklin High Rd. Bus Stops

In response to local traffic conditions, the bus stops located on:
Franklin High Rd. at Franklin High School and Franklin High Rd. at Hewitt Wy. will be consolidated into one stop located at Franklin High Rd. at Franklin Community Library  .

 As of Monday October 14, 2019, the buses servicing the routes 11 and 111 will utilize the new stop. The City of Elk Grove has designated parking areas for riders along Franklin High Rd. Permitted parking areas are indicated in green and prohibited parking in red on the provided exhibit.

Click Here To View The Exhibit

For questions or comments? Please email transit@elkgrovecity.org or call (916)68E-TRAN (916-683-8726). Thank you for riding e-tran! www.e-tran.org

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