Sheldon Center Turn Lane Study

Elk Grove Florin Road to Waterman Road

February 13, 2019 City Council Meeting

At the February 13, 2019 City Council Meeting, the City Council will receive a staff report that summarizes the results of the study, includes input provided by the public and includes a staff recommendation for selecting Alternative "C" Localized Center Turn Lane for the proposed project along with considerations for traffic calming measures.
The City Council Meeting agenda and staff report can be viewed at the following link:

Study Overview

Turn Lane PhotoThe City of Elk Grove is studying the feasibility of center left turn lanes along Sheldon Road between Elk Grove Florin Road and Waterman Road. Within the study limits, Sheldon Road is a 2 lane roadway (i.e., one lane in each direction) with paved shoulders. The City has received a variety of comments from concerned residents regarding the safety and convenience of turning left from Sheldon Road to adjacent side streets and for turning left from the adjacent side streets to Sheldon Road.

In response to these concerns, the City is studying three potential alternatives to modify Sheldon Road to better facilitate left turn moves. These improvements are identified at the following intersections:

  1. Scenic Elk Ct
  2. Briskin Dr/Country Hill Ct
  3. Bamarcia Dr/St Jude Ct
  4. Rubia Dr/St Anthony Ct

An example of what each of the Alternatives would look like for Bamarcia Dr/St Jude Ct and Sheldon Road is provided below.

Alternative A - Left Turn Lanes

Photo of Alternative A

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Alternative B - Continuous Two Way Left Turn Lanes

Photo of Alternative B

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Alternative C - Localized Two Way  Left Turn Lanes

Photo of Alternative C

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In addition to the above general examples, the following are aerial roll plots that show the conceptual designs for the entire study limits:

Alternative A - Conceptual Aerial Roll Plot of Left Turn Lanes
Alternative B -  Conceptual Aerial Roll Plot of Continuous Two Way Left Turn Lanes
Alternative C - Conceptual Aerial Roll Plot of Localized Two Way Left Turn Lanes

Rural Roads Improvement Policy and Standards

The Sheldon Road study limits are within the area of the City defined in the General Plan as the Rural Residential Area and therefore is subject to the provisions of the Rural Road Improvement Policy and Rural Road Improvement Standards. The purpose of the Rural Road Improvement Policy is to preserve and maintain the rural roadways in the City’s rural residential area. Specifically, this policy implements the provisions of the Land Use and Circulation Elements regarding the preservation and maintenance of features that contribute to the rural residential character, including small local roadways with minimum paving, natural landscape, and preservation of existing mature trees.

This policy establishes a value-based approach for incremental (rather than ultimate) road improvements that solve specific traffic issues identified through periodic evaluations of traffic conditions. Per Table (1) on page 6 of the Policy, “Center turn lanes may be considered for implementation at any time to improve safety and convenience independent of intersection improvements. The need for center turn lanes will be determined on a case-by-case basis. This improvement does not increase roadway capacity, but does improve the flow.” Due to the safety concerns voiced by the residents, it is within the above provision of the Rural Roads Improvement Policy that this study is being conducted.

Public Outreach

Public Outreach PhotoThe Public Works Department of the City of Elk Grove held an open house on October 11, 2018 at the Katherine Albiania Middle School to present the study, provide alternatives for discussion purposes and provide an open forum to the community to ask questions and provide feedback on the study. Input from the open house has been summarized for City Council’s consideration at the February 13, 2019 City Council Meeting in which the Council will decide whether or not to advance the study to a Capital Improvement project and provide direction on the preferred alternative for the project.

Open House Notification Flyer
Open House Presentation
Open House Public Input

Project Schedule

Date Description
October 11, 2018 Open House
February 13, 2019 City Council Direction

Contact Information

For additional comments, questions or concerns, contact:
Mail: City of Elk Grove, Public Works Department
Tom Metcalf, Senior Project Manager
8401 Laguna Palms Way
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Phone: (916)532-8169

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