The City of Elk Grove conditions certain new projects to annex into various City-administered financing districts. The two-step annexation process generally takes approximately 3 months from start to finish. The annexation process is done quarterly at the City.

The annexation initiation process typically begins one month prior to the Resolution of Intention (ROI). The ROI is the first step of a two-step process and is included on the Consent Calendar of the City Council Agenda. The Public Hearing and Election is the second step of a two-step process and is included on the Public Hearings portion of the City Council Agenda.

Projects that are conditioned to annex into any of the various financing districts are typically contacted by the Finance Division staff soon after tentative map or design review approval. Project applicants then select which annexation cycle they would like to be included in. Staff then provides instructions to applicants as to what information to provide the City in order to complete the annexation(s).

Project applicants are responsible for the annexation costs so the City charges an application fee. For a listing of the application fees for the various financing districts, see the Development Related Fee Booklet under the Finance Application Fees section.

Information typically required during the annexation process consists of project Assessor Parcel Numbers, acreage by owner, how title is taken (legal ownership name), number of lots/units, completion of City-provided forms and ballots, etc.

Projects annexing into the Police Services component of the Poppy Ridge CFD 2003-1, Police Services CFD 2003-2, and/or the Street Maintenance District No. 1, are not taxed/assessed until building permits are issued. Projects in other City-administered financing districts may be taxed/assessed sooner. The special taxes from the CFDs and the assessments from the Assessment Districts appear on the property tax bills.

Should you have any questions regarding the annexation process into various City-administered financing districts, please contact Renee Autar (916) 478-2203 or [email protected].

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