Local Vendor Preference

A bid or proposal from a local vendor for commodities, equipment, and general services will be tabulated as if it were five (5%) percent below the figure actually set forth in the bid or proposal, up to a maximum preference of Fifty Thousand and no/100th" ($50,000.00) Dollars per bid or proposal, to account for the financial advantages accruing to the City by the award of a bid to a local vendor. The City, when seeking bids or proposals for commodities, equipment, and general services will notify bidders or proposers that bids or proposals will be evaluated on the basis of a local preference of five (5%) percent of the bid or proposal price.

"Local vendor" means a person or legal entity which has a place of business (other than a post office box) within the city and has a valid, current business license issued by the City. To qualify as a local vendor for the purposes of Section 3.42.230 of this Code, the vendor shall submit with its bid or proposal a completed City-provided affidavit that documents the following: 1) the business has a facility with a City of Elk Grove address, 2) the business has, during at least one (1) year immediately preceding the submission of the bid or proposal, attributed sales tax to the City of Elk Grove, and 3) the business has had a City of Elk Grove business license for at least one (1) year prior to the submission of the bid or proposal.

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