Key to the City

Key to the City

The “Key to the City” is a symbolic gesture of appreciate and welcoming to a recipient. Receiving a Key is one of the City’s highest honors and the Keys will only be presented in a manner that is consistent with the City’s vision, mission and goals.

Requests for a Key to the City nomination should be submitted to the City Manager and require concurrence of the Mayor and Vice Mayor for approval. Requests for a resident reaching the age of 100 years old will be handled administratively by staff.

The Mayor, or his/her designee, presents the “Key to the City” to the recipient at an appropriate function.

The “Key to the City” of Elk Grove Program is intended to honor:

  • An Elk Grove resident with significant accomplishments in military service
  • An Elk Grove resident reaching the age of 100 years
  • A person who performed an act of heroism while in the City limits
  • A dignitary or celebrity visiting the City

Requests for a Key to be presented in recognition of unique circumstances other than those listed above, and deemed appropriate by staff, will be considered by the City Council on a case‐by‐case basis at a City Council meeting. All requests for a “Key to the City” should be submitted through the City Manager’s Office for consideration. For more information contact the City Manager's Office at (916) 627-3469.

Elk Grove Key to the City Application

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