Accessible Parking Spaces

Elk Grove residents and visitors with disabilities deserve the same high quality of life as non-disabled residents. Our busy shopping centers, cinemas and businesses all have accessible parking spaces to help disabled residents get into and out of areas easily. Individuals that utilize these spaces are required to have a disabled parking placard or an appropriate license plate and they need these spaces in the course of their day.

It is important for non-disabled residents to obey accessible parking signs and not take these important spaces away from residents who need them. If you do illegally park in an accessible space in the City of Elk Grove, you can receive a fine.

The City of Elk Grove is dedicated to removing barriers for people with disabilities. We are retrofitting barriers to access and educating the public with compassion and common sense about the needs of people with disabilities.

If you received a flyer on your vehicle about accessible parking, the City of Elk Grove is gently reminding you to abide by all parking laws. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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