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Application for Permit - DocuSign

Signed application shall be downloaded and submitted with complete submittal package

For information on submittal requirements and to access a selection of commonly requested documents, select a document below:

No. Name
Addressing Application

Agency Contact List 
  Application for Certificate of Occupancy: Fillable Form or Print Form
B-04-08 Application for Permit of Construction Commenced without Permits and/or Inspections
  Application Permit Extension Request Form
  Applying for Minor Building Permits using eTrakit Online
  Applying for Residential Solar Photovoltaic Permits using eTrakit Online 
  Attached or Detached Patio Cover Handout
B-04-12 Building and Model Codes & Structural Design Criteria
  Code Changes and Updates Summary 2022 
  Commercial Disabled Access Accessibility Upgrade Summary
  Commercial Fee Quote Worksheet: Fillable Form or Printable Form
  Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Checklist
  Cosumnes Fire Department Plan Review Application
B-16-32 Demolition Permits
G-19-33 Electronic Plan Review Policy
  Emergency Escape & Rescue Windows
  eTrakit Online Building Permits & Inspections
G-04-11 Exempt Buildings Without Requiring a Licensed Architect or Registered Engineer
  Exterior Landings and Stairs (Residential)
B-04-17 Garage Conversion (Residential)
  Water Heater Installation
  How to Schedule Inspections in eTrakit
P-04-15 Grease Interceptors in Restaurants and Similar Facilities
  In-Progress Roofing Agreement
  Inspection Code Brochure Ver 4
  Kitchen Remodels
  Memorandum of Understanding Concurrent Plan Review
  Master Plan Application
B-04-02 New Commercial Buildings - Plan Submittal
  Non-Occupied Utility Request: Fillable Form or Printable Form
  Notice to Applicants Tenant Improvement Projects
  Notice to Property Owners: Fillable Form or Printable Form
 B-04-04 Patio Covers and Similar Accessory Structures
  Planning Department Sign Application Form
  Production Home Batch Application: Fillable Form or Printable Form
  Production Home Electronic Submittal
  Request to Cancel Permit or Plan Review
  Request for Medium Pressure Gas Service
B-20-01 Required Permits
  Re-Roofing Energy Compliance Form
B-04-01 Re-Roofing Handout
  Residential Bathroom Remodels
  Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Checklist
  Residential Fee Quote Worksheet: Fillable Form or Printable Form
B-04-06 Residential Remodels and Additions
 E-19-34  Residential Solar Photovoltaic Submittals
 B-04-13 Residential Master Plans
  Revision-Deferral Application
  Scheduling Inspections using eTrakit Online
  Site Plan Sample
Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  Special Inspection Approved Agencies List
  Special Inspection and Testing Agreement
  Special Investigation Form
Submission Checklist for Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
  Swimming Pool Demolition Permits
B-04-10 Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas - Plan Submittal
  Swimming Pool Safety Requirements
B-04-03 Tenant Improvements - Plan Submittal
  Tenant Improvement Tuesdays
  Waste Management Plan Application: Fillable Form or Printable Form
  Window-Skylight Energy Compliance Form

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