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The City of Elk Grove will never email you asking you to confirm account details. If you received an email asking you to verify your business license, delete the email immediately and do not respond.

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Having current and relevant information about local businesses helps fuel economic development in the city - including the ability to attract more high quality, good paying jobs. This economic growth is good for everyone - existing residents, new residents, and business in general. By gathering information about who's doing business in Elk Grove, the City can improve their approach to planning and public safety. Developing a greater understanding of economic activity allows the planning department to consider new zoning, and helps the police and fire departments address potential issues in advance.

The most effective way for a city to gather information about businesses is through a business license program.

Most new or relocating businesses operating in Elk Grove need to apply for a business license and pay an application fee. The City understands the time constraints that limit so many business owners; therefore, the process is designed to be as simple as possible. Additionally, the business licensing fee has been set at the lowest possible amount, just enough to cover operation of the program.

A business license is issued without verification that the licensee is subject to or exempt from licensing by the state, county, federal, or any other governmental agency.

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