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Changes to Utility Billing

What is Changing and When?

We are improving efficiency and streamlining our customer service by transitioning our billing process to Republic Services.  Effective July 1, 2017, there will be a single point of contact for all service-related and billing inquiries. In addition, your City Utility bills will be issued by Republic and you can make your payments directly to Republic. The City of Elk Grove and Republic Services are working together to make this transition as smooth and worry-free for our customers as possible.

We are making this change for two reasons: 

Implementing a One Call Resolution
Currently our customers have to call one number for billing questions and another for service questions. With billing and customer service merging, you’ll no longer have to hunt for the right phone number. One phone call does it all.

Ensuring your dollars are spent wisely
The decision to transition the billing process to Republic Services was made with customers in mind and will not have an impact to your rates. Although our overall customer satisfaction level is 91%*, the City still actively seeks out opportunities to improve our ratepayer experience. Streamlining this process will ultimately provide ratepayers with one contact for all their trash and recycling needs.

*based on 2016 Customer Satisfaction results

What’s Changing?
Starting July 1, 2017

  • Automatic Payments made via EFT will require re-enrollment with Republic Services
  • Automatic Payments set up at your financial institution via Bill Payment will require updating with your bank


To learn more visit their website at


June 30, 2017

Contact City of Elk Grove Utility Billing
for all your billing needs
(916) 627-3279

Contact Republic Services for your service needs
(916) 635-2500

July 1, 2017

Billing & Service:
Contact Republic Services for all your billing and service needs
(916) 635-2500
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm

What’s NOT Changing?
This change will not impact services.  You’ll still receive the same high quality service you’ve always received.
You’ll still be able to pay your bill in person at City Hall Monday –Friday, 8am-5pm. City Hall will remain a convenient pay station even for your Republic bill.

Other Information:
We’re working hard to make this transition easy for you.  But we know stuff happens, life gets busy, and things get forgotten. So as you navigate this transition and update your payment options, Republic Services will not charge late fees for the first 2 months (July 2017- August 2017) of this period. Thereafter, late fees will be reduced from 10% of the amount owed to 5.25% of the amount owed.

Bill ExampleUnderstanding Your New Bill

  1. Contact Information: Who to contact for additional information about your bill.

  2. Important Information:  Special notices or services changes related to your account.

  3. Account Number:  Account number and invoice number.

  4. Payments / Adjustments: Payments and account adjustments since your last bill.

  5. Pay This Amount:  Your current amount due and due date.

  6. Current Invoice Charges: Displays container(s) and service type, current service charges, storm drain charges and the date range of services. 

  7. Payment Coupon:  To pay by mail, detach and return with your payment the payment coupon in the envelope provided.  Postage is required if paying by mail.

  8. Billing Address Change: Please call the customer service number located on your most recent invoice to update or change your address.  You may also change your address online.

  9. Pay By Mail Address:  The address for mail in payments.

Rate Adjustments Header

The Elk Grove City Council will consider an adjustment to the residential solid waste service rates on July 26, 2017 at 6:00p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, in the Council Chambers at City Hall (8400 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove).  If approved, these rate adjustments would take effect on September 1, 2017 and apply to all residential parcels located within the City of Elk Grove in accordance with Elk Grove Municipal Code Chapter 30.20.  This notice describes the purpose for these rate adjustments and how to file a protest against them.  

General Information
The City has an exclusive franchise agreement with Allied Waste (“Republic Services”) for the collection of residential solid waste, green waste, and recycling within the City.  All properties within the City are required to subscribe to weekly solid waste service unless exempt under Elk Grove Municipal Code Chapter 30.20. Fees are collected from customers and used to pay Allied Waste for the solid waste services provided, and to recover related City operational and administrative costs such as contract management, public education, and customer service.

Explanation of the Proposed Residential Rate Increase 
The costs of providing solid waste services (trash, recycling, and green waste) in the City and all associated administrative costs are 100% supported by the rates and fees paid by the users of these services.  As costs change, the rates and fees must change accordingly.  Over the last 3 years, rates have remained unchanged while costs for providing solid waste services have gone up.

Per the franchise agreement between the City of Elk Grove and Allied Waste, Allied Waste is contractually entitled to a rate increase to reflect inflationary increases in the cost to provide solid waste collection services.  These costs include labor, fuel, landfill fees, state regulatory fees, and various county impact fees.  The amount of the proposed increase is calculated based upon the increases in these costs.

In addition, administrative fees are charged to fund related expenses including, but not limited to: management, public education, customer service, debit service, implementing the requirements of the Integrated Waste Management Act (AB 939), and operating the Special Waste Collection Center (SWCC).  The administrative fees are not proposed to increase; however, they are proposed to be consolidated into a single fee – the Solid Waste Administrative Fee.

Proposed Rate Increase Adjustment
The following table provides a summary of the proposed fee adjustments in the City of Elk Grove’s solid waste service rate and administrative fees, which will be considered by the City Council at the public hearing on July 26, 2017 at 6:00p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, in the Council Chambers at City Hall (8400 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove).

Rate Adjustments Chart
Click view larger

Comparison with Rates of other local Cities and Counties
The chart below shows how the solid waste rates for the City of Elk Grove compare to other solid waste rates in our surrounding region.  This chart compares the rate charged for one 64-gallon trash container serviced weekly, (including green waste and recycling service) to rates charged for similar service in other jurisdictions. 
Comparison Chart

Comments On and Protests to the Proposed Rate Adjustments  
In compliance with Proposition 218, any owner or tenant of a parcel that is subject to the proposed rate increases may file a written protest with the City Clerk at or before the close of the public hearing on July 26, 2017. If you submit a protest, please include an identification of the affected parcel by street address or assessor’s parcel number (APN). If written protests are filed by a majority of the affected parcel owners or tenants, the proposed rate increases will not be imposed. Please mail or deliver all comments and/or protests to the Elk Grove City Clerk, 8401 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758 – Solid Waste Service Rates Proposal.

The City invites you to comment on the proposed adjustments.  In compliance with the Proposition 218 requirements described above, please submit your comments in writing, even if you plan to attend the public hearing. 

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