Preferential Parking Zone Program


The City of Elk Grove's Preferential Parking Zone Program helps address parking issues in residential neighborhoods by making on street parking by permit only. To start the process to establish a zone, a petition must be provided to Public Works that shows at least 75% of the residences are in support of creating such a zone. This petition is available for your use. Please note that only one vote is allowed per residence. Once the petition is received, Public Works staff will review the request and, if it qualifies, will forward to the City Council for consideration. If approved, the permits would be issued by the Public Works Department. Permits would be issued for each vehicle owned by a resident along with one guest permit per residence. Verification of residential status would require the current vehicle registration and a driver's license or utility bill showing the street address. There is no cost for the permits and they do not have an expiration date. Vehicles parked off the street, such as in driveways, would not need a permit.

If you have any questions please email us or call (916) 478-2256.

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