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Road Closure/Work Notifications

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Road Closure / Work Notifications

Disclaimer: The City of Elk Grove Public Works Department provides this information as a service to the general public. While we attempt to provide accurate and timely information, estimates of the nature and duration of any particular road closure or other event are subject to such variables as weather, road conditions, and traffic conditions that are beyond the control of the City of Elk Grove and difficult to predict. Those relying on this information should do so at their own risk, and neither the City of Elk Grove nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for either the accuracy of this information nor any actions taken as a result.

April 2020

Typical lane closure hours: Day 8:00am to 4:00pm / Night 8:00pm to 6:00am

Road Closures

  • GROVE ST. is closed at Railroad St. - 6/17 - 8/3

Lane Closures

  • Waterman Rd. between Mosher Rd. and Dino Dr. / Daytime / 6/8 - 6/22

Traffic Signals

  • None

Other Construction Zones (Expect Delays)

  • Daytime Traffic Striping Operations / 5/12 - 6/30:

Franklin Rd from Big Horn Blvd to Elk Grove Blvd
Laguna Blvd from Franklin Rd to Interstate 5 on ramp
Elk Grove Blvd from Franklin Rd to Interstate 5 on ramp
Harbour Point from Laguna Blvd to Elk Grove Blvd
W & E Taron Dr from Elk Grove Blvd to Elk Grove Blvd
Riparian Dr from W Taron Dr to E Taron Dr
Maritime Dr from HArbour Point Blvd to Lakepoint Dr
Lakepoint Dr from Four winds Dr and Babson Dr
Babson Dr from Harbour Point Dr to Laguna Blvd
Four Winds Dr from Elk GRove Blvd to Babson Dr
Laguna Main St from Renwick Ave to Laguna Blvd
Excelsior Rd from Sheldon Rd to Calvine Rd

Road and Lane Closures for Sacramento County

The link below includes closures for all County road ways that are in unincorporated areas, or areas that the County inspects. It does not include state highways, such as Jackson, Hwy 50 and I-80. However, the list of lane closures is not all-inclusive, but rather includes only those closures most affecting the traveling public. Criteria considered include time of day (peak traffic hours), duration, location, number of lanes, and scope of work. View unscheduled emergency road closures. After hours inquiries call (916) 875-5000.

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