Storm Drain Maintenance


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Rake-a-drain today! We ask that Residents make every effort to prevent garden debris from entering the storm drain system. Do not blow or rake leaves or landscape debris into the street.

The City of Elk Grove has over 15,000 storm drain inlets and 450 miles of drainage pipe. The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for inspection, maintenance and repair of the storm drain system in the public right-of-way and within drainage easements. This includes clearing blocked drains, removing debris from storm drain structures, and cleaning and repairing damaged drainpipes.

Storm drains are designed to handle normal water flow, but occasionally during heavy rain, flooding will occur. Our goal is to limit the number of flooding incidents by keeping the drains clear with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Storm Drain Chart

Clogged Storm Drains

Plugged or clogged storm drains can cause localized street flooding during rain events. Storm drain inlets, underground storm drain pipe, and storm drain outfalls are all key components that convey storm water. Keeping these components clean and fully functional are critical in minimizing impacts to the City and our environment. These impacts can include:

  • Flooding, which results in property damage and blocked emergency routes
  • Erosion, which can cause damage to salmon spawning habitat
  • Pollution, which harms fish and/or drinking water supplies

Creek and Channel Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for creek maintenance. These periodic channel maintenance activities include vegetation maintenance, sediment removal, and debris removal from the creek bed and banks. The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the paths that run alongside the creeks and vegetative strips immediately adjacent to the walking paths.

That Awful Smell

During spring and summer months, low water flows or dry channels may produce a foul odor. This is a natural occurrence when organic matter in the creek begins to decay. The odor will diminish as the creek or channel dries out or water flow returns. Don't hesitate to report the problem to the City so we can confirm the problem.

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