Award Recognizes Work on Diversity & Inclusion

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Press Release - Award Recognizes Work to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in Elk Grove

Posted: 02/26/2020

diversity and inclusion team photoElk Grove City Manager, Jason Behrmann, recently accepted the Award for the Advancement of Diverse Communities presented by the City Manager’s Department of the League of California Cities. The award honored the City’s efforts to promote the advancement of diversity within the community and in the workplace at City Hall.

Elk Grove has often taken measures to celebrate its diversity with fairs and festivals, but a hateful note left at a local business in the fall of 2017 prompted residents to ask city leaders to expand the local conversation to address concerns with inequity and a perceived lack of inclusion at City Hall. From these discussions, the City launched a Diversity Audit and created an Inclusion Strategy for City Hall.

“The award recognizes the progress we’ve made over the past year to activate the City’s Inclusion Strategy,” explained Elk Grove City Manager, Jason Behrmann. “There is still much more work to do, but this honor recognizes the hard work of many people within our organization who are really dedicated to making changes for the better at City Hall.”

The City’s Audit and Inclusion Strategy included revisions to the Employee Personnel Rules & Regulations that established more stringent statements on harassment, discrimination and retaliation and changes to the recruitment process that reduced the risk of bias and expanded recruitment outlets to find a broader scope of candidates. The City appointed a dedicated Inclusion Leader within the management team and formed an internal Diversity and Inclusion Team. This team includes members from nearly every city department who meet regularly to provide programs, content, training, and messaging for city staff and the community.

Other achievements supporting the strategy in 2019 included converting the City’s Multicultural Committee to a Diversity and Inclusion Commission; engaging city staff and community members in the regional March for the Dream and Pride March events, and the production of cultural events and the annual Multicultural Festival.

“The work being done is shaping the City’s diversity and inclusion goals and practices for good,” said Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. “Elk Grove is working hard to fulfill its mission of being a city welcome to all.”

Pictured: Members of the City’s Diversity and Inclusion Team with Elk Grove City Manager, Jason Behrmann.

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