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Emergency Signal Preemption

Emergency Signal Preemption

Posted: 07/25/2018

Traffic Management Center

As a driver it can be frustrating to stop at multiple signals along an arterial street. No sooner do you get your speed up and into the flow, and another red light brings you to a stop. To assist drivers in Elk Grove, the City has synchronized the signals along several streets. The goal is to synchronize the signals so that drivers receive a green light before they arrive at the next signal, reducing the number of times they have to stop.  However, when you hit a red light it may be because of an emergency response. Emergency vehicles are equipped to preempt the signal timing so that they get a green indicator. When this happens the signal synchronization is disrupted for several minutes. So, when you hit red lights and wonder why, it could be the result of an emergency. Learn more about Signal Synchronization.

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