Information for Developers

The City Council’s adoption of the SEPA Strategic Plan establishes the framework for future development in the plan area.  This includes the following:

  • Community Plan policy document that provides policy guidance for future land use, circulation, parks and recreation, infrastructure, and community character;
  • Community design guidelines, streetscape plan, public realm elements, and architectural development standards to guide the look and feel of future development;
  • Backbone roadway sizing and intersection studies to identify future right-of-way needs for major roadways in the community, as well as connectivity of multimodal transportation routes, including access for pedestrians and bicyclists;
  • Preliminary drainage plan, identifying design requirements, facility needs, and alignment of the backbone drainage system, including alignment of Shed C and location of detention facilities;
  • Preliminary water and sewer plans, identifying backbone infrastructure needed to serve the planned development; and
  • Preparation of a programmatic Environmental Impact Report as required by the California Environmental Quality Act.

Information in this section is organized into the following components.  Click on the links on the left to view the information.

Development Regulations

> which includes >

  • SEPA Community Plan
  • SEPA Special Planning Area (Zoning and design regulations and standards)
  • Submittal Requirements for Development Applications

Infrastructure Master Plans

> which includes >

  • Master Water Plan
  • Level II Sewer Study
  • Drainage Study
  • Traffic Study

Development Fee Programs

> which includes >

  • Drainage Fee Program
  • Parks and Trails Fee Program


> which includes >

  • Concepts for the timing and process for delivering infrastructure to the employment areas

Environmental Review (CEQA)

> which includes >

  • Draft Environmental Impact Report
  • Final Environmental Impact Report

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