Development Regulations

Below are copies of the development regulations that make up the Strategic Plan for the Southeast Policy Area. The relationship between these documents and the City's existing regulatory framework is described in the figure below.

  • A Community Plan policy document that provides policy guidance for future land use, circulation, parks and recreation, infrastructure, and community character. This has been adopted as part of the City's General Plan.
  • ASpecial Planning Area, or SPA, document that provides zoning regulations for development of land within the Policy Area. This is adopted as part of the City's Zoning Code and properties within the Policy Area have been rezoned to this SPA.
  • Implementing documents in the Architectural Style Guide and Landscape Planning Prototype Manual.
SEPA Document Relationships

Filling an Application

Information about filing applications for projects in SEPA. Please note the additional submittal requirements applicable to SEPA, along with the general submittal requirements.

Development Regulations

NOTE: These documents are configured for double sided printing.

Community Plan - Please see Chapter 9 of the General Plan

Special Planning Area - Reflects amendments through September 2018

Supplemental Design Documents

The SEPA SPA (listed above) directs the preparation of two supplemental documents - the Architectural Style Guide and the Landscape Planning Prototype Manual. These documents are listed below and have been approved by the Development Services Director pursuant to the SEPA SPA.

NOTE: These documents are configured for double sided printing.

Architectural Style Guide

Landscape Planning Prototype Manual

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