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We recognize the challenge of finding affordably priced housing opportunities. The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource to the community. You can find leads on current rental listings on the market as well as information on affordable housing complexes within our city. When searching for rental housing keep in mind these tips to make sure you are only dealing with legitimate, legal property owners.

Current Rental Listings in Elk Grove and South Sacramento

Below is a compilation of current listings on the market pulled from various property management companies’ websites and other rental listing sites. The list is updated weekly.

If you (a) have a Housing Choice Voucher from SHRA or (b) are experiencing homelessness inside Elk Grove, then property owners may be eligible to claim the following incentives by renting to you under the City of Elk Grove’s Landlord Incentive Program:

  • Cash bonuses of up to $4,500 plus
  • Double security deposit plus
  • No loss bonus (payment of rent for up to 60 days to cover the time it takes to move in a qualified tenant) – Housing Choice Voucher tenants only

Housing Choice Voucher Holders

Anyone with a housing voucher issued by SHRA may be considered a Qualified Tenant in the LIP so long as the unit is in the city of Elk Grove. The yellow highlighted addresses are under SHRA’s payment standards, but you are advised to consult SHRA’s affordability worksheet before submitting any applications. The orange highlighted addresses mean the property owner has expressed interest in the Landlord Incentive Program.

Housing seekers currently experiencing homelessness in Elk Grove

If you have been verified as experiencing homelessness in Elk Grove by Homeless Navigator Becky Jones, then you may be considered a Qualified Tenant in the LIP for any rental units in Sacramento County. You are advised to check with Jack Barnes at (916) 478-2242 about the unit before submitting any applications.

Current Rental Listings for June 27, 2022

Affordable Housing - Rental

The complexes listed below maintain a certain percentage of rental units at affordable rates for occupancy by low-income families. The site provides a locator map and contact information for each rental complex. Contact each complex directly for up to date vacancy and rental information.

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