Sharps & Medications


As of September 1, 2008, it is illegal to dispose of sharps (needles) waste in trash or recycling containers (Section 118286 of the California Health and Safety Code). Sharps are defined as hypodermic needles, pen needles, lancets, and other devices that are used to penetrate the skin for the delivery of medications derived from a household.

Disposal Option 1

For residents of Elk Grove, Republic Services will pick up sharps in an approved sharps container from a resident’s home, free of charge, by appointment only. To make an appointment, call Republic Services at (916) 635-2500.


  • Sharps must be in an approved container
  • Sharps must be completely enclosed in container.
  • Container must be labeled as “sharps container”.
  • Container must be sealed and closed. It cannot be broken, split or damaged.
  • The container must not contain any prescription drugs.

Sharps container(s) will not be picked up without an appointment.

Disposal Option 2

Bring your sharps in an approved sharps container to the Special Waste Collection Center (Sunday-Wednesday 9am-4pm).  There is no fee to dispose.

Medications/Pharmaceutical Waste

Don’t rush to flush!

Prescription medications and other pharmaceutical waste is threatening the quality of our drinking water.  Don’t flush drugs down the toilet.  Even the most advanced wastewater treatment processes cannot remove most pharmaceutical compounds from the water.  
Instead, properly dispose of your unused or expired prescriptions or over-the-counter medications in one of the following ways:

Over the Counter Medications:

Visit our Special Waste Collection Center (SWCC) at 9255 Disposal Lane Sunday-Wednesday 9am – 4pm​

The SWCC will accept:

  • Miscellaneous Health Products (of substantial quantity)
  • Unused or expired over the counter medications
  • Nutritional supplements and vitamins

Most Pharmacies sell postage paid, mail back envelopes for proper medication disposal

Prescription Medications:

1. Visit our Police Department lobby kiosk at 8400 Laguna Palms Way 95758 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm)

  • Unused or expired prescription medications

Note: Needles, auto injectors and other sharps will not be accepted in the drug kiosk.

2. Most Pharmacies sell postage paid, mail back envelopes for proper medication disposal


How to deliver your medications:

  • Simply bring your medications in their original bottles to either the SWCC (Over the Counter Only) or the PD Lobby Kiosk (All Medications accepted).
  • Use a black marker to mark out any personal information you wish to conceal.  Please keep the name of the medication visible so our staff can determine how to properly dispose of each item.

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