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Waste Disposal Rates

Item Description/Waste Category Disposal Fee Amount**
Acids Liquid (per gal) $12.00
Acids Solid (per lb.) $1.75
Antifreeze (per gal) $1.90
Asbestos (per lb.) $1.40
Caustics (per gal) $12.00
Caustics (per lb.) $1.60
Compressor Oil ‐ Pourable per gal) $7.50
Fertilizers (per lb.) $1.25
Fire Extinguisher ‐ up to 4 lbs. (each) $33.63*
Fire Extinguisher ‐ 4+ to 17 lbs. (each) $100.88*
Fire Extinguisher ‐ 17+ lbs. (each) $134.50*
Flammable Liquids (non‐pourable) (per gal) $7.50
Flammable Liquids (pourable) (per gal) $2.80
Flammable Paint ‐ Enamel (per gal) $2.00
Flammable Paint ‐ Unlabeled or Leaking, Non‐Program Product (per gal) $3.50
Flammable Solids (per lb.) $7.00
Fluorescent Light Tubes ‐ Broken (per lb.) $5.00
Latex Paint (per gal) $1.00
Latex Paint ‐ Unlabeled or Leaking, Non‐Program Product (per gal) $2.50
Mercury (per lb.) $8.00
Mercury Articles (each) $6.00
Motor Oil (per gal) $1.25
Non‐RCRA Waste‐ Solids (per lb.) $1.50
Non‐RCRA Waste‐Liquids (per gal) $3.80
Oil Filters (per lb.) $0.50
Other Cylinders (each) $638.88*
Oxidizers (per gal) $15.00
Oxidizers (per lb.) $2.00
Capacitors PCB Ballast (per lb.) $2.50
Poison / Toxic – Liquids (per gal) $11.00
Poison / Toxic – Solids (per lb.) $1.50
Propane Cylinders ‐ 1 gal (each) $1.60
Propane Cylinders ‐ 5 gal (each) $6.10
Propane Cylinders ‐ 7 gal (each) $19.50
Item Description/Waste Category Disposal Fee Amount**
Reactive (per lb.) $12.00
Road Flares (per lb.) $2.00
Universal Waste Disposal Fee Amount**
Aerosols (each) $1.50
Auto Batteries (each) $0.00
Capacitors/Electric Non‐PCB Ballasts (per lb.) $1.50
Compact Fluorescents, U‐Tubes, Circular (each) $1.35
E‐waste (Commercial Print/Copy/Fax Machines) (per lb.) $0.30
E‐waste (Commercial Mixed Electronic Waste or Electronic Devices) (per lb.) $0.30
Fluorescent Light Tubes ‐ Intact (per ft) $0.15
Halogen, Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, Sodium Vapor, UV, and other Miscellaneous Lamps (each) $0.50
Household Batteries ‐ Single Use (per lb.) $1.50
Household Batteries ‐ Rechargeable (per lb.) $1.00
Other Waste Disposal Fee Amount**
Cooking Oil (per gal) $1.50
Pharmaceutical Waste (per lb.) $2.50
Sharps ‐ Rated Container (per lb.) $1.50
Sharps ‐ Unrated Container (per lb.) $2.00
Unknown/Other (per lb.) $1.50
Unknown/Other (per gal) $7.00
HHW Admin Fee $25.00

* The fee shall be set at the City’s actual disposal cost plus twenty‐five percent (25%) for labor and overhead, with the maximum fee capped at the rate stated on the Disposal Fee Schedule.

**All Fees are subject to an annual escalation factor pursuant to the applicable cost increase for each waste type, not to exceed four percent (4%) annually of the current year’s fee amount.

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