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Green Video Library Program

Green Video Library Program

Objective: To provide Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) teachers with an additional tool for use in their classrooms as part of their curriculum that will teach students about recycling and preserving the environment.

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Overall Goals of this program: Our main goal is to provide teachers with a useful classroom tool, beyond the traditional textbook, that will offer students varying perspectives on proper recycling, reusing, and the waste industry in general. Knowledge is power! Educating our future on the importance of properly managing resources like recyclables will benefit our communities and Earth in the long run.

Target Audience: Grades 2-12. Educating our youth is an essential tool when it comes to preserving the future of our planet. When kids build a passion for a topic, they will typically embrace it in their day-to-day life and encourage those around them to do the same.

Videos: There are 17 different videos available to choose from.

Estimated Classroom Time: Each video varies from 30 minutes to 40 minutes.

Request a video

A video request form must be submitted each time a video is borrowed. Please fill out the necessary information below. For any further questions and/concerns, please refer to the contact information listed at the end of this request for your convenience. We thank you for educating our youth about the importance of recycling and we appreciate your effort in improving our environment for a cleaner tomorrow.

Green Video Library Program Request Form
Borrower information
Request a Video
Please list the videos in order of most preferred. In case your first video choice is not available, we can send you one that is currently in stock. Videos must be returned 6 business days from the day you request it.
1st Choice:
2nd Choice:
3rd Choice:

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Video Use Timeline:

  • Allow 2 business days to receive the DVD
  • Teachers may keep the video for 2 days
  • Allow 2 business days for DVD to arrive back to the City of Elk Grove

How to return your video:

  1. Hand deliver to City Hall. Office hours are: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
  2. Return via US mail.  REUSE the envelope your video came in and affix the return address label found inside. Don’t forget to apply the right amount of postage as it is not included.

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