Licensing and Microchipping

Why a Pet License Should Be Your Priority

If your pet gets lost, a license tag on your pet’s collar is one of the fastest methods to reunite you and your cat or dog. Additionally, the license helps everyone know that your dog is a member of the family and is loved. Licensing your pet is one of the first steps in assuring the health and safety of your pet. The Law requires every person owning, possessing, keeping, harboring or having custody of any dog or cat over four (4) months old shall obtain a license for each dog or cat and appropriate license fees shall be paid annually and obtained within 30 days of acquisition of the pet or within 30 days of moving into the city (EGMC 8.03.01A)

Your license shows that you are a responsible pet owner. It lets people know that your pet companion has received required vaccinations that protect your pet from rabies.

Purchase a License

What do you need to license your pet(s):

  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Proof of Spay/neuter to receive reduced fee
  • Proof of Microchip
  • Proof of age/residency to receive Senior Citizen Discount

Length of the License

Licenses may be purchased for one, or three year period, provided that the rabies vaccination is valid for the same period. The license expiration may not exceed the rabies vaccination expiration.

A license with proof of a current rabies vaccination, may be purchased by mail or at the following location:
Elk Grove Animal Shelter
9150 Union Park Way
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 687-3042

Download Animal License Application

License Your Pet Online

Licensing Fees

License fees are not refundable.

License Type Fee: 1 Year Fee: 3 Year
Spayed/Neutered $15.00 $35.00
Unaltered $50.00 $150.00
Senior Fee: Sprayed/Neutered* Free N/A
Senior Fee: Unaltered* $25.00 N/A

*Senior Discount limited to 2 pets per household to residents who are 65 years or older. Proof of age and residence required

Late Fee
The late fee for a license renewal is $15.00 if paid after the due date.
Licenses are not transferable - you will need to purchase a license in your own name.
There are limited exceptions for service dogs. Contact Elk Grove Animal Services Agency for more information.

Proof of your pet being microchipped is also a required part of licensing your pet. This can include either:

  • Registration card provided by the microchip manufacturer. This card must contain the company name and your pet’s microchip number
  • A Letter from your veterinarian stating your pet has a microchip implanted. This should also include the microchip number
  • Or set an appointment to bring your pet to our public counter to be scanned for an existing microchip, or have your pet microchipped by us.

If you choose to be exempt from this requirement there is an annual $50 exemption fee.

Replacement Tag

A new tag will not be issued for each license renewal.

If a tag is lost, please request a replacement tag by mail , or in person at:
Elk Grove Animal Shelter
9150 Union Park Way
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 687-3042

There is a $5 fee for a replacement tag.

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