Historic Resource List and Map

Properties Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Properties Listed on the California Register of Historical Resources:

  • Site of first county library branch in California
    (California Historic Landmark #817) - 9125 Elk Grove Boulevard

Other Properties of Historical Interest

  • Grave of Elitha Cumi Donner Wilder
    (California Historic Landmark #719) - Elk Grove Masonic Cemetery, Row C, Lot 2 - Donner party survivor
  • Site of Murphy’s Corral
    (California Historic Landmark #680, California Inventory of Historical Resources #182)
    near the SW corner of Grant Line Road and Highway 99 – the site of the beginning of the United States’ conquests of California, also
  • Site of Joseph Hampton Kerr’s home
    (California Inventory of Historical Resources #178 and Point of Historical Interest #001)
  • Site of the Old Elk Grove Hotel
    (California Point of Historical Interest #004)
  • Elk Grove Grammar School
    (California Point of Historical Interest # SAC-011)

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