Council Goals and Priorities

Council Goals and Priorities

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Provide exceptional services that enhance the quality of life for our residents and promote a thriving economy in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Elk Grove prioritizes a superior quality of life for all that builds upon the community's diversity and heritage through safe, welcoming, and connected neighborhoods, with a variety of residential, educational, and employment choices and amenities that create a sense of place.


Vibrant Community

A vibrant community and sustainable economy with diverse businesses and amenities

  • Facilitate business attraction, retention, and expansion efforts that maximize employment, capital investment, and tax revenues, reduce barriers, and that promote equity and inclusion in entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate development of enhanced retail, dining, arts and entertainment, hospitality projects and experiences that serve residents and visitors
  • Ensure public and private development that is high-quality and attractive, contributing to a sense of place
  • Plan and facilitate development of neighborhoods of varying densities and characteristics - from rural to suburban to urban
  • Support efforts that further a resilient business community

Safe Community

A safe and resilient community

  • Invest in community safety
  • Enhance quality of life by ensuring the highest level of public safety through world class service and community collaboration
  • Engage in fair and impartial interactions with our diverse community and build trust through transparency, inclusiveness, and equity
  • Plan and prepare for effective emergency operations by employing emerging technologies to better serve our community
  • Promote a sustainable community and protect the natural environment
  • Promote solutions to homelessness that align services and shelter with the needs of the population

A high performing organization

A high performing and financially stable City government

  • Maintain and strengthen the fiscal health and stability of the City
  • Embrace new ideas and innovation in the delivery of services
  • Provide responsive and courteous customer service
  • Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the City organization and larger community
  • Further regional cooperation and collaboration, keeping the City's best interest in mind
  • Engage the community often and in a transparent and inclusive way
  • Maximize investments in innovation to improve the lives of residents and streamline operations

A city with infrastructure that meets its current and future needs

A city with infrastructure that meets its current and future needs

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance and operations of City facilities and infrastructure
  • Implement enhancements to the City's roadways, bicycle and pedestrian routes, and transit system
  • Provide infrastructure that supports business attraction and expansion
  • Plan for future transportation technologies and innovations
  • Align funding with the City's infrastructure goals

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