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Elk Grove Animal Services offers FREE microchip implantation for cats and dogs by appointment only

The Best Opportunity for a Happy Return Home

One in three pets will become lost at some point during their lifetime. Without proper identification, 90 percent will never return home. By microchipping your pet, you can greatly increase your chances of finding your furry friend should he or she become lost.

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Cost: Free to Elk Grove residents who license their pets

Frequently Asked Questions

How do microchips work?

Microchips are implanted just beneath the skin of your animal, and are registered with owner information. Chips are read using an electronic scanner. Our Animal Control officers and Shelter staff scan for a microchip when we come into contact with a lost or stray pet. If a microchip is detected, the staff member retrieves the owner's information from the microchip manufacturer and will attempt to contact the owner.

Are microchips big? Will they hurt my pet?

NO. Microchips are the size of a small grain of rice. Implanting a microchip is easy and involves only a quick injection. It is no more painful than receiving vaccines, and there is no recovery time for your pet.

Can I track my pet using a microchip?

No. Microchips do not allow for the tracking of your pet. They only provide owner information when scanned.

Does implanting a microchip guarantee that my pet will return home if lost?

Microchips can provide your animal with its best opportunity for a happy return home. The Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association showed a return-to-owner rate of 52 percent for dogs who are microchipped, compared to a rate of just 22 percent for dogs who enter a shelter and are not microchipped. Similar increases were seen for non-microchipped cats, whose return-to-owner rate of less than two percent increased to more than 38 percent for cats who were microchipped.

Microchips are not effective if the ownership information is not kept current. When your information, such as phone number, changes, please contact your microchip company to update your information.

How can I contact the microchip company to update my information?

Contact information on the major microchip companies is listed below. Elk Grove Animal Services uses 24 Petwatch brand microchips: