Rural Elk Grove

Rural Elk Grove

Take a drive around eastern Elk Grove (the triangle between Elk Grove-Florin Road, Sheldon Road and Grant Line Road) and you're sure to see a contrast to the western parts. This is the area that once typified the entire community - this is Rural Elk Grove. Cattle and horses roam the open space, strawberries (and other fruits and vegetables) ripen to perfection, leaves from the great oaks and eucalyptus rustle in the breeze, wildlife find refuge, and the pace of life simply slows down. This is the place that represents Elk Grove's "Proud Heritage" and agricultural roots. The rural Elk Grove community is a valuable asset to be preserved and appreciated (and City policies ensure this). Just minutes from the hustle and bustle, rural Elk Grove is a place that gives us a genuine taste of a rural lifestyle, providing a scenic backdrop of country living and reminding us that Elk Grove's past is still a big part of our present-day city.

Stay informed about the Capital Southeast Connector. The Connector is a planned 35-mile parkway that will span from Interstate 5, south of Elk Grove, to Highway 50 in El Dorado County, just east of El Dorado Hills.

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