Event Grants

The City of Elk Grove funds grants each fiscal year that provide assistance to Elk Grove-based nonprofit organizations that wish to host a special event that benefits the Elk Grove community.

Grant assistance may be provided in the form of direct funding, city facility use, in-kind services, or all of the above.  

Contact the Community Events and Projects Coordinator for details.


The application period for Fiscal Year 2019-20 has closed.

Proposed funding recommendations:

FY 2019-20 Event Sponsorship Grant Recommendations

Grant Eligibility Requirements

  • Only registered nonprofit organizations with tax exempt status will be eligible to apply. For-profit entities and individuals are not eligible.
  • The event must meet one of the City’s goals:
    • Foster a vibrant and diverse economy oriented towards growing jobs in Elk Grove.
    • Continue to foster and support the safest and most highly connected neighborhoods with diverse opportunities for urban and rural lifestyles.
    • Distinguish Elk Grove as a city with an array of opportunities for sports and cultural activities for residents of all ages and backgrounds, with venues that also promote and leverage economic growth.
    • Serve as wise and responsive stewards of fiscal, physical and natural resources.
    • Recognize the City’s high operational performance and achieve new levels of organizational excellence with the highest service levels, while also providing regional leadership through collaboration.
  • The event must take place within the Elk Grove City limits.
  • Events must have citywide significance and be open to all Elk Grove residents.
  • The event must not be organized around political or religious purposes.
  • The event must be a one-day event, a multi-day event occurring on consecutive days, or a related series of events over an extended period of time.
  • Events with a fundraising component will be eligible only if they provide all net proceeds to a nonprofit that serves primarily Elk Grove residents.
  • The applicant organization must be the primary organizer, manager, and financial administrator for the event.
  • The applicant organization will comply with all other applicable state and local laws for conducting the event.
  • Events that discriminate on the grounds of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, or disability will not be eligible. All events must comply with applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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