City Council Goals

City Council Goals for Fiscal Years 2011-12 and 2012-13

Create a vibrant, diversified economy

Significant employment growth, through both recruitment of new high quality job opportunities and continued growth of existing businesses, will fuel future prosperity. We will create a balance between jobs and housing by targeting industry sectors that support stable employment and a healthy local economy. Creating innovative public-private partnerships, collaborating with local and regional economic development agencies, and enhancing City business practices will promote success.

Grow and support safe, livable, attractive neighborhoods

The City of Elk Grove will work collaboratively with neighborhood groups and individual homeowners and business owners to maintain and improve safety, aesthetics, and property values throughout the City.  The City’s public spaces will be beautiful, well-designed, and well-maintained. The City will promote the co-location of commercial, recreational, and social amenities that encourage residents to live, work, and play. While planning for new development, the City will recognize the needs of existing neighborhoods.

Promote Elk Grove as a recreational and cultural center that attracts visitors

The City of Elk Grove will capitalize on our diverse, family-oriented community and our respect for the City’s heritage and character. The City will invite residents and visitors to enjoy our natural resources in a responsible manner as they build and expand their awareness and respect for our natural habitat.  We will develop facilities, activities, and amenities that promote Elk Grove as a regional cultural and tourism destination.

Serve as wise, responsible stewards of fiscal resources

City Council and staff will serve as wise stewards of the City’s fiscal resources in safeguarding assets, planning long-term financial stability and maintaining adequate contingency reserves.  Fiscal activities will be justifiable, efficient, effective, transparent and accountable.

Develop an efficient and effective City organization with regional perspective

In regional partnerships with other agencies, the City of Elk Grove is committed to improving service delivery to our residents and businesses.  Our commitment is to our customers, both internally and externally. We provide a positive organizational culture where we recruit, retain, and promote the best employees who are regionally focused and always willing to work with all stakeholders in achieving success.

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