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Triangle Special Planning Area Update

The City Council recently directed changes to the Elk Grove Triangle.  As part of this, the City is holding a series of public workshops to discuss the changes and work with the community on the details.


What is the Elk Grove Triangle?

The Elk Grove Triangle is an area of the City, bounded by Bond Road on the north, Bradshaw Road on the west, and Grant Line Road on the southeast.

Triangle Map Graphic

Upcoming Meetings

City Council 
Public Hearing

July 10, 2019

6:00 PM
City Council Chambers           



Joint the Mailing List

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Meeting Materials

The following are copies of the materials presented at the public meetings on the Triangle SPA Update.

 Meeting Date  Presentation  Materials
 September 12, 2017  Click Here  • Existing Land Use Plan
 • Proposed Land Use Plan
 November 14, 2017  Click Here  Working Issues List
 December 19, 2017  Click Here
 February 22, 2018  Click Here   None
 September 17, 2018  Click Here
 Draft revisions to the Triangle SPA
 December 6, 2018  Click Here  Planning Commission Staff Report
 January 23, 2019  Click Here  City Council Staff Report
 June 20, 2019  TBA  Planning Commission Staff Report
 July 10, 2019  TBA  City Council Staff Report

For more information

Christopher Jordan, AICP
Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation
(916) 478-2222

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