Approved Sharps Container

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 Sharps    Sharps   container

An “an approved sharps container” by definition includes:

  • Any rigid plastic container that is strong enough to withstand puncture by its contents and 
  • Can be sealed closed securing sharps so that collection staff are protected from the risks associated with handling these containers

Examples of “approved sharps containers”  include:

  • Commonly used red biohazard containers
  • Empty liquid laundry detergent bottle with a screw top lid
  • Empty rigid plastic coffee container with resealable lid

Guidelines for containers other than the commonly used bio hazard container:

  • Sharps, needles, lancets must be completely enclosed in the container
  • Container must be sealed completely.  Broken, split or damaged containers will not be accepted
  • Container must be clearly labeled as “SHARPS”
  • Container cannot contain any medications, except for unused auto-injectors

Not An Approved Container - 

Milk jugs are not rigid enough to be used as an approved container

 not approved

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