Crack Sealing

What it is

Crack SealCrack sealing, the most common preventive treatment, is used to fill cracks and prevent water intrusion of the pavement. This process is used to preserve pavement of fair to excellent condition and prevent future failure. Cracks occur on pavement due to traffic load and thermal stress, which can result in potholes. A crack sealant slows the deterioration process of cracks and extends the life of the road from 2-8 years on average. 


  1. Cracks and joints are cleaned of vegetation or debris.
  2. Sealing material is heated in a machine to the proper placing temperature.
  3. Crack sealant is applied to cracks and squeegeed flat onto the surface. 

Impact to Residents

Roads will not be closed for this treatment; however, traffic may be coordinated by construction workers. The drying time of crack sealant is very quick, allowing cars to drive across it almost immediately.

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