Modifications or Additions

Improvement Standard and Details (October 10, 2007):

Modification Number Modification
2017-01 Street Sign Location: Modification to Standard Drawing T-6A and T-6B
2016-01 LED Street Light Modification
2015-01  Compaction and Materials Testing
4-002 Modification to Section 4-14 and Standard Drawing ST-26, adding Standard Drawing ST-26.1
4-001 Modification 4-001
2010-1 2010-1 Modification
9-003 Modification to Improvement Standards Section 9-10
9-003 Modification to Standard Drawing SD-1A, SD-1B, SD-1C
12-001 Modification Number 12-001
20071231-1 Modification to T19
20071231-2 Modification to L28 and L29
20071231-3 Modification to ST-14A, St 14B, ST-15A, and ST-15B
6-16.04 Underground Service Alert
14-3.03A Remove Spec Section 14-3, 03A "Alternative 3
22-2 Aggregate Base
AR-4.7 Modification to Standard Drawings AR-4.7 and AR-4.8
20080904-1 Modified Standard Drawing #SL34
Section 49-6.03* Revisions of Section 49-6.03 of the Standard Construction Specifications in its entirety and Revisions of Standard Drawing Number T-13 *Internally Iluminated Street Name Signs Rev.1
SL30 & 31 Rev 2 Revision 2 to standard drawing numbers SL30 and SL31
SQ-10.1 DWG SQ-10.l Drop Inlet Concrete Stamp
T-2B, T-2C, T-2D, T-2E Addition of T-2B, T-2C,T-2D, and T-2E standard drawing details
200811-01 Adding new standard drawings for grading/retaining walls and amending Section 10 in Improvement Standards to reference these new drawings.
Modification Number SD-12-01, SD-13-01, SD-18-01, and SD-19.1-01
2013-01 Modification to Standard Drawing SL-4 and SL-5
2014-01 Modification to Improvement Standards Section 9-14
2013-02 Modification to Standard Drawing T-3 and T-4
2013-03 Modification to Standard Drawing ST-31

Improvement Standards and Details for Improvement Standards (June 1999) and Standard Construction Specifications (September 2001):

Modification Number Modification
032206-1 Developer’s Responsibility
090905-1 Street Lights - Zone 2, ST-11 through ST-19 and Street Lights both Zone 1 and 2, ST-20 through ST-27
062405-1 On-Site Stormwater Quality Measures
Section 11 Stormwater Quality Protection, Erosion and Sediment Control and Permanent Stormwater Quality Control Measures
051305-2 Pre-Formed Rubberized Speed Cushion Layout and Typical Signing and Striping T-2
082806-1 Delete Section 9-12.A.iv of the Improvement Standards
072505-1 Roadway and Trench Backfill Standards
082506-1 Roadway and Trench Backfill Standard
051305-1 Typical Trench Compaction Detail ST-8
  Trench Backfill and Resurfacing Standard ST-1 through ST-7 and ST-9 and ST-10
  Street Survey Monument

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