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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

One of the reasons for Elk Grove’s high quality of life is the way it looks: our neighborhoods have beautiful landscaping, parkways, neighborhood parks, natural flood control channels, and walking paths. And our new business parks have enhanced green space, too.

The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining 155 acres of parkway landscaping, landscaped channel ways, and bike trails. This landscape maintenance is accomplished via the City’s community partner, Cosumnes Community Services District.

The extensive landscaping, lighting, and local parks within the City are assets to our community and contribute to the community’s sense of pride. They provide places for our families to gather, participate in outdoor programs, and to wander and enjoy the natural beauties of our area.

Reporting Landscape Maintenance Problems
Contact the Operations and Maintenance Division to report a problem by calling: 916-687-3005, or submit a Report a Problem online form and we will come out to take care of it.

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