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Capital Improvements

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes all active projects and those expected to be undertaken during the coming five fiscal years. Specific projects and their scheduled completions were selected based on:

  • Implementation of the City’s General Plan; and
  • Existing traffic patterns and associated improvement needs; and
  • Projected traffic patterns, based on assumptions regarding the quantity and location of expected development; and
  • The need to establish a coherent roadway network, with strategic connections that distribute traffic flows efficiently; and
  • Minimizing disruptions associated with construction activity; and
  • Availability of funding; and
  • City Council direction.

Capital Improvement Program 2020-2025  

High Profile Projects

Kammerer Road Thumbnail Kammerer Road Extension Project JPA Connector Capital SouthEast Connector Civic Center District56
Sheldon Feasability StudyGrant Line Road - Sheldon Area Precise Roadway Plan Old TownOld Town Area Improvements Whitelock Interchange Whitelock Interchange Project
Grant Line
Grant Line Road Widening, Phase 2
Elk Grove Florin Road
Elk Grove Florin Road

2018 Capital Surveys

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Contact Information

Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Program Division Manager

Kevin Bewsey, P.E., Q.S.D.
Email or (916) 478-2243

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