High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

Available for Carpools, Vanpools, Transit Buses When the Road is Rough!

High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are a driver’s best friend during commute hours: you can zip by traffic and cut your commute time.

To drive in carpool lanes during your commute, you must be in a carpool, vanpool, public transit vehicle, or riding a motorcycle. Single-occupant hybrid vehicles are also permitted in carpool lanes during designated commute hours. Learn more.

Carpool lanes are available between 6 am and 10 am and then again between 3 pm and 7 pm, Monday-Friday. A carpool must have a minimum of 2 people. Motorcycles and buses are exempt and may use carpool lanes. Follow the guidelines, as a violation of HOV lane use can result in a minimum $325 fine.

e-tran commuter routes 49, 57, 58, 59, and 66 use HOV lanes along State Route 99 between Elk Grove and the U.S. Highway 50, Business 80, State Route 99 Interchange. Call (916) 68E-TRAN or learn more about e-tran routes serving your area.

During non-commute hours and weekends, HOV lanes revert to general traffic use.


Send an email to transit@elkgrovecity.org. Want to find carpool partners or vanpools? Receive a free matchlist online by using the 511 Ride Match Service or call us at 511 and select Rideshare.

Please visit Caltrans HOV page for more details on HOV lanes located throughout Sacramento County and other urban areas in the State.

HOV lanes are currently located along the following corridors

  • State Route 99/Business 80
    • Between Elk Grove Blvd and B Street - 28.6 miles in both directions.
  • U.S. Highway 50
    • Between Sunrise Blvd and Latrobe Road- 22.8 miles in both directions.
  • Interstate 80
    • Between Madison Ave and Riverside Blvd – 5.5 miles in the eastbound direction only
    • Between Riverside Avenue and Longview Drive – 11.7 miles in both directions.

HOV onramps in Elk Grove are located at the following interchanges:

  • State Route 99
    • Elk Grove Blvd - Northbound
    • Calvine Road - Northbound
  • Interstate 5
    • Laguna Blvd - Northbound
    • Elk Grove Blvd - Northbound

Future HOV lanes are proposed at the following locations:

  • Interstate 5
    • Laguna Blvd to Pocket Road – 10.4 miles – Construction begins in 2010.
    • Pocket Road to I Street – 10.4 miles – Construction begins in 2010.
    • I Street to Airport Blvd – 12.0 miles – Construction begin in 2010.
  • State Route 99
    • Sacramento/San Joaquin County Line to Elk Grove Blvd – 23.8 miles – Construction begins in 2010.
  • Interstate 80
  • Yolo/Sacramento County Line to Longview Drive – 18.0 miles – Construction begins in 2009.
  • Richards Blvd (Davis) to Harbor Blvd (West Sacramento) – 18.8 miles – Construction begins in 2010.
  • Sacramento/Placer County Line to State Route 65 – 10.2 miles – Construction begins in 2006.
  • U.S. Highway 50
    • El Dorado Hills Blvd to Shingle Road – 15.2 miles – Construction begins in 2008.
    • Yolo/Sacramento County Line to Sunrise Blvd – 25.0 miles – Construction begins in 2008.
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