Old Town Plaza Improvements

Old Town Plaza Phase 1

Old Town Plaza
Project Overview

Old Town Plaza improvements will be constructed over 3 phases. Phase 1 is set to begin construction early this Spring and end early Summer. Phase I provides a permanent restroom building of about 425 sf, with two stalls, and a new accessible path from the public sidewalk to the plaza. Phase I also includes leveling of the existing hardscape areas of the plaza, and placement of irrigated planters. The estimated construction cost for phase 1 is $400,000.

Phase 2 will construct a seating area at the north end of the site, along with a trellis, bike parking area, site accent lighting, relocated planters and additional new landscaping.  The estimated construction cost for phase 2 is $1,000,000.

Phase 3 planned for Old Town Plaza will incorporate a new pavilion structure, around 9400 sf. The existing plaza hardscape will be removed, and replaced with permeable hardscape, more concrete seat benches, additional landscaping, and elements of turf.  Off-site improvements will include public sidewalks, widening of Railroad and Grove Streets, and new parking lot improvements at the adjacent lot to the south. The estimated construction cost for phase 3 is $8,100,000.

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Contact Information
For additional comments, questions or concerns, contact:

E-mail: dkeltgen@elkgrovecity.org
Mail: City of Elk Grove, Public Works Department
David Keltgen, Architect 
8401 Laguna Palms Way
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Phone: 916.478.3652