Sidewalk Curb and Gutter Maintenance


The City of Elk Grove Operations and Maintenance Division maintains sidewalks in order to ensure clear and safe pedestrian passage throughout the City.  Typical sidewalk maintenance activities performed by City crews are:

  • Keeping sidewalk clear of overgrown trees and shrubs
  • Removing debris or other material that has been dumped or is encroaching on the pathway
  • Milling small displacements in sidewalk joints to maintain an even surface
  • Patching small cracks or spalling in the sidewalk surface

However, California Streets and Highways Code Section 5600 et seq. and Elk Grove Municipal Code Chapter 12.05 place the responsibility of sidewalk maintenance on the adjacent property owner.  Although the City will perform more routine maintenance on sidewalk in an effort to ensure safe passage, should the condition of the concrete require replacement of the sidewalk, replacement of the damaged sidewalk is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

Click here for the EG Municipal Code.

The City of Elk Grove is here to assist residents in replacement of any sidewalk should it be required.  For more information on sidewalk replacement, please contact our Maintenance and Operations Division.

Reporting Sidewalk Problems

Contact the Operations and Maintenance Division to report a problem by calling: 916-687-3005, or submit a Report a Problem online form and we will come out to take care of it.