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Grant Line Road Widening, Phase 2 (Waterman to Bradshaw)

Project Overview

The Grant Line Road Widening Project (Project) will widen Grant Line Road from two to four lanes, between Waterman Road and Bradshaw Road. Traffic signals will be installed at intersections with Bradshaw Road and Mosher Road. A 10’ Wide Multi-Use Trail will also be installed through the project limits.

The widening of Grant Line Road to 4 total lanes will reduce congestion and improve safety. While this project is only planning for 4 lanes of traffic, the City foresees this road at an "Ultimate" width of 8 lanes. The implementation of the additional 4 lanes is not expected to be needed for several decades.

The Project is a part of the Capital Southeast Connector known as Segment B2. The City continues to coordinate with the Capital Southeast Connector JPA (JPA) on improvements. For more information on the Capital Southeast Connector, please visit their website:


New Roadway Cross Section

Cross Section


Project Milestone Completed Major Tasks Scheduled for Completion
Environmental Revalidation Complete April 2020 -
CTC Approval of Construction Funding June 2020 -
Right of Way Complete July 2020 -
Design Complete August 2020 -
Advertise for Bids - September 2020
Project Awarded for Construction - November 2020
Construction Start - March 2021
Construction Finish - October 2022


This project has funding from a variety of sources. Local funds are from the City’s Roadway Fee Program and Developer In-Lieu fees. State funding is through the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB-1). Federal funding is from the State of California’s Transportation Improvement Program, which is derived from revenues from the Transportation Investment Fund.


If you have questions or concerns please contact
Bryan Stone, Project Manager
Phone: (916) 687-3005

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