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Project Background and Features

The City of Elk Grove, in coordination with the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), is currently planning a new interchange at Whitelock Parkway and State Route 99. Located at the bustling and vibrant southwestern portion of the City, the new Whitelock Parkway/SR 99 interchange will enhance the quality of life and set the stage for the economic resurgence of the City. Enhancing the Quality of Life The City of Elk Grove enjoys a wonderful quality of life. Great family-friendly neighborhoods, natural and paved trails, and numerous recreational amenities are just a few of the reasons people come to live, work and play in Elk Grove. The City strives to make sure its citizens can get to and from these amenities in the safest and most efficient manner possible by a variety of transportation modes. The Whitelock Parkway/SR 99 interchange will reduce the current traffic congestion along Elk Grove Boulevard and future congestion on Kammerer Road by offering additional entry and exits points on SR 99 and rerouting traffic from nearby interchanges. The Whitelock Parkway/SR 99 Interchange will complete the eastern extension of the Toby Johnson multiuse trail across SR99, providing safe access for pedestrians and cyclists into the Elk Grove Regional Park and the many popular destinations within the park including the sports fields, a fishing lake, walking trails, Frisbee golf course, 2.4-acre Elk Grove bike park, 1.2-acre dog park and the Elk Grove Historical Hotel.

Setting the Stage for the Economic Resurgence

The City of Elk Grove is emerging from the national economic recession and working on the important infrastructure that will set the stage for the economic revitalization. The Whitelock Parkway/SR 99 interchange is one of the most important infrastructure components. Not only will the interchange reduce the existing traffic congestion and ease the commute for Elk Grove citizens who travel on Elk Grove Blvd., but the Whitelock Parkway/SR99 interchange will serve as the main connector to the planned Laguna Ridge Specific Plan, a 19,000-acre mixed-use development that will bring housing, commercial, office, medical facilities and many more community amenities.

Connecting to Elk Grove’s Past and Culture

Serving as a gateway for pedestrians and cyclists to the Elk Grove Regional Park, the Whitelock Parkway/SR 99 interchange offers an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the City’s rich heritage and culture. The Elk Grove Regional Park has been a gathering place since the late 1800’s and is home to prominent community events such as the Annual Western Festival, Strauss Festival at Strauss Island and the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival. Also, located at the Elk Grove Regional Park is the Elk Grove Hotel and Stage Stop, after it was moved from its original location to make room for SR99. As the planning and design process progresses, the project team looks forward to engaging the community and discussing potential design features that would draw connections to the historical significance of the area and celebrate the City’s unique culture.

Below are some project facts about the Whitelock Parkway/SR99 Interchange:

Project Overview

The City of Elk Grove, in coordination with State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), has started planning for a new interchange at Whitelock Parkway and State Route 99 (SR 99), as included in the City’s General Plan. This project was initially presented to the Elk Grove City Council in December 2007 and subsequently approved. The interchange will reduce traffic congestion on Elk Grove Boulevard as well as traffic impacts on Highway 99. It will also reduce future congestion on Kammerer Rd. from planned growth in the area.

The planned interchange will only provide vehicular access to and from the west side of SR 99, and it will also provide a pedestrian and bicycle crossing over SR 99 into Elk Grove Regional Park, consistent with the Trails Master Plan.

Key project goals include:

  • Reduce current traffic congestion at Elk Grove Boulevard interchange, and future congestion at Kammerer Rd. interchange
  • Minimize impacts to Elk Grove Park
  • Provide a pedestrian and bicycle crossing over SR99

Funding Sources

The Elk Grove 2013-18 Capital Improvement Program has identified $1.3 million from the Roadway Fee Program to produce the initial Project Study Report and initiate environmental studies. Once the initial planning efforts are completed, the City is eligible to seek funding from Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) under the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) program or from Sacramento Transportation Authority Measure A funding.


This project is currently in the planning phase, and preliminary studies will be completed to analyze several interchange design alternatives.  Actual construction is more than five years away, as complete construction funding has not yet been secured.


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