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Forms & Handouts

For information on submittal requirements and to access a selection of commonly requested documents, click on Forms & Handouts below:

Name No.
Addressing Application Commercial and Non-Subdivision  
Agency Contact List  
Application for a Certificate of Occupancy  
Application for Building Permit  
Application for Permit of Construction Commenced without Permits and/or Inspections B-04-08
Application/Permit Extension Request  
Building and Model Codes & Structural Design Criteria B-04-12
California Building Standards Codes Summary of Changes  
Commercial Fee Quote Worksheet  
Demolition Permits  
Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Permits (Residential)  
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Installations (Submission Checklist)  
Emergency Escape & Rescue Windows  
Exempt Buildings Without Requiring a Licensed Architect or Registered Engineer G-04-11
Exterior Landings and Stairs (Residential)  
Garage Conversion (Residential) B-04-17
Gas Water Heater Installations  
Grease Interceptors in Restaurants and Similar Facilities P-04-15
In-Progress Roofing Agreement  
Inspection Code Brochure Ver 4  
Kitchen Remodels  
Memorandum of Understanding Concurrent Plan Review Request  
Master Plan Submittal Sheet  
New Commercial Buildings - Plan Submittal B-04-02
New Residential Buildings - Plan Submittal B-04-05
Non-Occupied Utility Request  
Notice to Applicants Tenant Improvement Projects  
Notice to Property Owners  
Permit Processing - Production Homes B-04-14
Planning Department Sign Application Form  
Pool Demolition Permits  
Request to Cancel Permit or Plan Check  
Request for Medium Pressure Gas Service  
Re-Roofing Handout B-04-01
Residential Bathroom Remodels  
Residential Fee Quote Worksheet  
Residential Building Additions & Remodels - Plan Submittal B-04-06
Residential Master Plans  
Revision-Deferral Form  
Site Plan Sample  
Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms G-11-28
Spec Office Tenant Improvements - Plan Submittal B-05-21
Special Inspection Approved Agencies List  
Special Inspection and Testing Agreement  
Special Investigation Form  
Storage Racks B-04-09
Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas - Plan Submittal B-04-10
Tenant Improvements - Plan Submittal B-04-03
Tenant Improvement Tuesdays B-12-030
Unreasonable Hardship Determination For Commercial Alteration Projects  
Waste Management Plan Application  
Water Conserving Fixtures  
Water Heater Installation  

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