Instructions and Fees

Licensing Instructions

The importance of an animal license is to provide a form of identification for your pet, ensure the pet is current and up to date on its rabies vaccination, and to comply with Elk Grove Municipal Code section 8.03.010A.  An animal license can be purchased for either one or three years provided your pet’s rabies vaccination allows for it. Proof of your pet being microchipped is also required as part of licensing. If your pet has been spayed or neutered, you qualify for the Altered licensing fees (proof of sterilization is required). If your pet has not been altered, you will pay the Unaltered licensing fees. Please see the index table below for your pet’s licensing fee amount. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our staff at 916-687-3042 and we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.

Please remember, having your pet licensed and microchipped is the best way to ensure that he/she will be brought back home. 

Animal License Rate

  Unaltered Altered
1 Year License $50 $15
3 Year License $150 $35
Senior Citizen License $25 $0
Service Dog License N/A $0

Additional Fees

Microchip Exempt Fee $50
Late Fee $15
Replacement Tag (if needed) $5

Senior Discount

Applies to all Elk Grove residents who are 65 years or older. In order to receive a senior discount, proof of age is required through a valid California driver’s license or California identification card. The address listed on the identification must be in the city limits of Elk Grove. Senior discount allows for the licensing of 2 altered pets/per household free of charge. Discount also applies to unaltered pets (please see table above).

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