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Why is my street receiving maintenance even though it looks fine visually?

Preventive maintenance is performed to streets in order to preserve the pavement before significant damage occurs.


Can I use my driveway while work is being performed?

Pavement resurfacing typically requires road closures, which restrict access to and from driveways until the resurfacing is ready for traffic. This is usually completed over a 4-8 hour period during the day. Residents will be notified in advance of any road closures. If you need to use your vehicle on the day resurfacing is scheduled on your street, you should park on an adjacent street not scheduled for resurfacing and walk to and from your home and vehicle. You may also coordinate with construction workers to determine an estimated time of when construction will take place across your property if you need to utilize your driveway beforehand. After the treatment is performed, the road cannot be used until the material has set, typically 4-8 hours.

How can residents help to ensure successful completion of maintenance?

Move parked vehicles from streets during “No Parking” times. Do not run sprinklers or wash vehicles on your property during the day of resurfacing. Drive at limited speeds on newly placed material to prevent loose gravel and chips from dislodging.

How do I report a pothole or other deformity on my street?

Please call the City’s Public Works hotline (916) 478-2256

What comprises the budget for the program?

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