Encroachment Permits

Pursuant to Section 12.08 of the Elk Grove Municipal Code, an Encroachment Permit is required any time work affecting the public right-of-way (PROW) is performed. Types of work include, but are not limited to, sidewalk repair, traffic control, utility tie-ins, emergency repairs, exploratory potholing, or excavation.

General Provisions

Encroachment Permit General Provisions are required to be acknowledged and signed for each encroachment permit application submittal.

Encroachment Permit General Provisions

There are 4 types of encroachment permits issued by the City of Elk Grove:

Annual Encroachment Permit (AEP):

Used for emergency repairs only. AEP’s are generally available to municipal utilities and franchise utility companies. The permit is valid from date of issuance through December 31st of each year.

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Blanket Encroachment Permit (BEP):

Similar to Annual Encroachment Permit but is limited to specific scope(s) of work occurring over an approved duration not to exceed December 31st of each year. Recommended for routine maintenance activities with short durations and minor traffic control. Only work defined in the approved “Scope of Work” shall be performed under a BEP. The process to receive a BEP includes the following coordination prior to issuance:

  • Identify the scope(s) of work
  • Provide anticipated schedule and/or frequency of the activities
  • Provide required level of traffic control and inspections
  • Agreement on appropriate permit deposit and bonding amounts (bonds are rarely required) that would cover the anticipated costs for the duration of the permit.

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Major Encroachment Permit (EP):

Required for non-emergency work and work not covered by a Blanket Encroachment Permit. EPs expire 90 days from permit issuance

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Minor Encroachment Permit for Homeowners (MEP):

Required when minor work affecting the PROW is performed. Types of work include sidewalk repair, driveway and/or culvert installation and repair, pool demolition (required for tracking/monitoring of debris with the City’s right-of-way under the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan), and tree trimming requiring sidewalk or road closures.

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